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Batteries and Electrical System

Batteries and Electrical System

Let's face it: you can have the most meticulously maintained vehicle on the road, but it won't start without the right battery – properly installed and appropriately fitted – for your vehicle’s needs. Believe it or not approximately 85% of the no-starts are battery or battery related. So regular testing of the battery will help eliminate a big headache. At Bon Air Shell every service starts with testing the battery for both strength and life expectancy. From ignition system to door locks, your car battery is at the heart of your electrical system.

The following is a brief overview of the parts of the starting/charging system and how they work together to kept all the parts of your electrical system working:


Composed of a series of lead plates submerged in a 35% sulfuric acid/65% water solution, your 12-volt battery houses a chemical reaction that releases electrons through conductors, producing electricity which is then channeled into your vehicle's electrical system. The battery supplies electricity to all of the electrical system components any time the engine is not running. It powers the starter motor to start the engine and acts as a shock absorber for the electrical system. In periods of high demand, the battery also supplements power from the charging system. The demands on the battery make finding the correct replacement vital to the life expectancy of the battery, starter and alternator. An undersized battery under powers the starter and over works the alternator which can lead to the failure of all three. Bon Air Shell has access to information to find the correct battery to fill your needs.

Charging System

The charging system is the life force of your vehicle's electrical system. The alternator, provides power to the electrical system when the engine is running and must recharge the battery to provide power for the next engine start. Alternator technology has evolved alongside automobile technology. Today’s alternator output may be controlled by the vehicles computer network and the alternator performance can be affected by issues in other parts of the vehicle's electrical system. At Bon Air Shell we have the test equipment and information systems to track down and repair any problem in your charging system.

Starting System

It may seem obvious that the starting system turns your vehicle's engine on, but did you know that this process consumes more electrical power than anything else your car does? The starting system consists of many components working one with another. These components include: the ignition switch, the starter relay (or solenoid), and the starter motor. When everything works correctly a push of a button or the twist of the ignition switch and the engine come to life. Sometimes things go awry, when they do let Bon Air Shell’s highly trained technicians diagnose and repair the problem.

Contact Bon Air Shell for battery or charging/starting system testing and replacement or electrical system repairs.

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